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Bidder Information Sheet

Please fill out the form below and we will email you a password to our plan room. All information is required.

Please note that Bogh Engineering pre-qualifies Our subcontractors.
To subcontract with Bogh Engineering, a more extensive pre-qualification is required.
Download our Pre Qualification Package (PDF)

Company Name
Company Contact
Email Address
Company Address
Company Web Address
California Contractors License Number
License Type(s)/Categorie(s)
(i.e. Concrete/CMU/Framing)
Years in Business as a contractor
Current Bonding Capacity
Number of Public Works Projects
completed in the last two years
Labor Affiliation (if any)
Has your contractor License ever been suspended or revoked?       Yes No
If yes please explain.
In the last five years, has your firm or any firm which any of your company’s owners, officers or partners was associated, been disbarred, disqualified, removed or otherwise prevented from bidding on, or completing, any government agency or public works project for any reason?       Yes No
If yes please explain.
In the last five years has your firm been denied an award of a public works contract based on a finding by a public agency that your company was not a responsible bidder?       Yes No
If yes please explain.
All questions regarding this form or Bogh Engineering may be directed to
Russ Bogh: 951 845 4607 or via email to:
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